10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – April 16 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:

  • Android Kick Starter Project: Looking for a solid template to get your Android project going with the common libraries all weaved up into a nice project for you. Try the AndroidKickStartr project.
  • Make Your API Irresistible : Adam DuVander tells us how to make your public API a notch above the others. It is not always about the technical points.
  • Software Engineers not spending their time wisely: A report says that Software Engineers are not spending enough time building software. The report is misleading is my opinion. Building software does not mean just writing code.
  • Salesforce’s Mobile Centric Services: Salesforce announced a set of HTML5 packaged applications that contain all the necessary Javascript libraries to integrate with their platforms. Giving a starter project like this saves tons of time and the fact that Salesforce has provided it for multiple JS frameworks like Angular, jQueryMobile,etc shows that they want to widen their reach.
  • The Bitcoin Proposition: If you have not heard about the virtual currency phenomenon that Bitcoin is, get started. It won’t be the last one.
  • Developers Guide to Android History: A great infographic that shows the Android OS history and the feature sets that have come up in each version.
  • Surfacing Interesting Content: If you need a primer on what algorithms could potentially help you separate out the noise from the signal on the social networks, take a look at this blog post.
  • 10 Questions to ask when hiring a Mobile developer : This is a spot-on discussion on the questions that you really need to ask if you are looking at hiring mobile devs for your next great idea.
  • Teenagers and Smartphones: We know that both of them are the future and will shape it for the rest of us.
  • How we lost the web: A thought provoking discussion by Anil Dash.

Bonus: A great presentation titled “Time Management Hacks I wish I knew when I was 20“. Superb collection … does not matter even if you read it at 40.

Have a great week !

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.


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