10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – April 9 2013 Edition

The last 10 Tech Stories column appeared more than 2 months back. I hope to get more regular from now on, sorry about it. The good part is that I have kept reading and hope to keep sharing with all of you.

Here are the 10 stories for this week:

  • Android Maps: If you have been using Google Maps in your Android application, you would know that Google changed the way that the Maps API works in Android now. Right from getting the keys to enabling the service, the mechanism has changed. This article takes you through it all.
  • Angular JS: This is yet another JavaScript framework but this one is from Google and has been seeing a lot of traction lately. Check out the tutorial.
  • Firefox OS Mobile Apps: We expect to see a lot of contenders this year that are out to challenge iOS and Android. Firefox Mobile OS is going to be one of them. Check out this tutorial on how to write your first mobile application for the Firefox Mobile OS.
  • Browser Rendering Engine Wars: The next set of innovation in browsers is likely to pick up pace with the forking of Webkit by Google. The fork named Blink will be used by Chrome and Opera. Firefox is not to be left behind too. Check this article that gives a balanced view of what has occurred in the last week.
  • Android Resources: A great collection of resources that each Android Developer must keep bookmarked. Superb list.
  • 2013 Disruptive Technologies: A list of disruptive technologies that are expected to shake things up in 2013. How many of these look pre-2013 and my bets are on some of them continuing to be there in 2014 also.
  • HTML5 Resources: Still getting around to learning HTML5? Even if you are a seasoned pro, this list of resource is great.
  • Why AWS is so far head? : It continues to amaze everyone how AWS has kept on innovating in the IaaS space and keeps announcing features and price reductions, while keeping its competitors confused on how to best catch up with them. This article gives a different perspective on how Amazon is going about it.
  • API Courses: There are thousands over public APIs and APIs are the fuel that are going to drive the next generation applications. Check out the API Courses by CodeAcademy and start learning some of these public APIs today.
  • Data Science : Data is all over us and getting some fundamental courses under your belt that help you understand Data Science is a good way to ensure that you will be among the thick of things in the future. Check out this comprehensive list of links that help you navigate the Data Science maze.

Have a great week !

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.


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