My ProgrammableWeb Posts – December 2012 – March 2013

Here are my posts for ProgrammableWeb during the period December 2012 – March 2013

Today In APIs: Twitter Mobile Event and Facebook Ads adds Tracking 03/26/2013
Today in APIs: Google Geocoding Quota Limits and Mashery tops 185K Developers 03/22/2013
Today In APIs: Microsoft Whitelisted for Google CalDAV API and Seattle Hackathon on Autism 03/15/2013
Today In APIs: Google Glass Mirror API, Twitter Ads API and 13 New APIs 03/12/2013
Today In APIs: Facebook News Feed changes and American Airlines Opens Up API 03/08/2013
Today In APIs: Amazon Ads API Debuts, TweetDeck Apps Head Into History 03/05/2013
Today In APIs: Developer Payout, LevelUp API and 10 New APIs 03/01/2013
AWS Summits To Hit 12 Cities This Year 02/27/2013
Today in APIs: Facebook iOS SDK, RightScale Supports Google Compute Engine and 11 New APIs 02/26/2013
API Documentation Toolsets Could be Your Savior 02/22/2013
AppEngine Adds Cloud Endpoints and Java 7 Support 02/21/2013
LinkedIn opens, a RESTful Service Architecture Framework 02/20/2013
Today In APIs: PushBullet API, Stormpath Identity Management API and 12 New APIs 02/19/2013
Today In APIs: Google Places API Challenge Winners, New Admob API and 9 New APIs 02/15/2013
Today In APIs: Rise of Mobile Banking, Backplane Protocol and 13 New APIs 02/12/2013
Today In APIs: Facebook Breaking Changes, AWS RDS Adds Notifications and 12 New APIs 02/05/2013
Today In APIs: AWS slashes prices, Role of APIs in BYOD and 9 New APIs 02/01/2013
Today in APIs: App.Net Storage & File API, Metwit Weather API and 11 New APIs 01/29/2013
Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Temboo API and 17 New APIs 01/24/2013
Today In APIs: Amazon High Memory EC2 instance type, 5 Crucial APIs and 11 New APIs 01/22/2013
Today In APIs: Twilio SMS powered Art Auction, Private API security concerns and 11 New APIs 01/18/2013
Today In APIs: API Trends for 2013, AfterShip API and 11 New APIs 01/15/2013
GymShamer Bags Top Prize in Foursquare Hackathon 01/11/2013
Today In APIs: AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists, IKANOW Big Data API and 11 New APIs 01/11/2013
Today In APIs: Car Manufacturers, Foursquare Hackathon and 11 New APIs 01/09/2013
Today In APIs: PunchFork API shutdown, FullContact Account Stats API and 6 New APIs 01/04/2013
Today In APIs: Facebook API adds Brand Page Metrics, Google Drive powered Holiday Gifts and 15 New APIs 12/20/2012
New Google App Engine Graduates Several Experimental Features 12/19/2012
Today In APIs: Firebase API, The Making of Fastbook and 19 New APIs 12/18/2012
Google Places API Dev Challenge: Public Choice Award Voting is Now Open 12/17/2012
Today In APIs: Facebook Android SDK updates, FullContact API use case and 9 New APIs 12/14/2012
Today In APIs: Github System Status API, TimesOpen 2012 Hackday Winners and 15 New APIs 12/11/2012
Today In APIs: Twitter API Clients ring in price increases, Bing Ads API updates and 10 New APIs 12/05/2012

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