Project Your Android Phone Screen To All

Good things often come in small packages. The wise old saying has come true on many occasions in the past and the same can be said of a great free utility named Droid@Screen, which allows you to project your Android phone screen during a presentation.

There are several reasons to show your Android phone screen to an audience. The most important one being that it gives them the confidence that the application that you are showing is running on a real phone. Last but not the least, it helps to avoid cranking up the emulator during a demo and you can simply show the app running on the device itself.

The utility needs Java on your machine and the Android SDK to be installed on your machine. Not a big deal to setup if you are an Android developer yourself but could be cumbersome for those who just want to set it up for a demo are not technical.


The utility packs a lot of features and not just excels at broadcasting your screen. It also allows for:

  • Taking Screen shots
  • It can work with multiple devices and even AVDs. It can see them all.
  • Inspect device properties

Make this utility a part of your Android toolkit today. Download it from here.


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