Student Dev Days 2013 : Android Workshop

Once again, it is time for Sun, Sand and Android in Goa. Every quarter I seem to be drawn back to Goa to interact with terrific folks who run the Google Developer Groups over there, chiefly Google Android User Group (GAUG). This time I am excited to be part of the Student Dev Days 2013 being organized by GAUG.

The theme of the event, to be held this weekend, Saturday March 2013 is Basic Android Development and our goal is to ensure that all the participants go back from the 1-day event with the following 3 key areas:

  1. Get familiarized with Android Developer Tools and setup your environment.
  2. Development and Publishing of your Application to Play Store
  3. How to make your App more valuable, a set of useful tips to make your app different from the crowd

In the spirit of openness, all material for the workshop has been made available at a Github site. So even if you cannot make it for the event (we hope to see you at future events!), spare a weekend, crank up your machine and get the material to get started on Android development. The material contains the Presentation, Hands-on exercises and sample projects that take you through Android Development Basics.


Those who are arriving at the workshop, you should definitely get the latest Android Developer Tools (ADT) installed on your machine. This will help speed up things. To download one for your machine, go to and download the one that applies.

Looking forward to conducting the workshop on Saturday and it is my pleasure to bring more people onto the Android bandwagon. May their tribe increase !

P.S: Check out the Event page! Cancel your other plans and make it to the event if you can.


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