10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – January 29, 2013

Here are the 10 stories for this week:

  • 5 Things You Can Do To Make HTML5 Perform Better: A great set of tips that you should employ while using HTML5.
  • REST APIs with Node.js: People often ask me how I have employed Node.js and I tell them that I use it  a lot to prototype API calls and provide it for development immediately. This article tells you how.
  • Collective Learnings of Early Stage Startups: What happens when founders of 20 early stage companies in Mumbai – Pune meet? A treasure trove of points that combine their experience and lessons learnt. Essential reading for anyone wanting to branch out.
  • Silicon Valley wakes up to Android: North America has typically seen more of iOS devices and that will continue for a while but there is no denying the fact that Android is picking up in that region too. The numbers just cannot be ignored.
  • Try some JavaScript quiz: You think you have a handle on JavaScript syntax? Try this quiz to refresh some of that stuff.
  • Twitter Advertising API: Since the last year, Twitter has been coming out with more than 1 way of getting a business model that makes money. Promoted Tweets was one way but an Advertising API could go a long way.
  • Cloud Delusions: A timely reminder about how nascent the Cloud market is, when it comes to understanding it for most organizations.
  • The Good and the Bad of OAuth 2.0: John Sheehan takes us through this very important post on his findings with various OAuth 2.0 implementations. Essential reading.
  • Oracle and its ways: A detailed commentary that shows how companies install extra software on our machines. People get hounded for trying to make documents available for free, while companies go on installing software deceptively.
  • Technical Debt: We have all heard about technical debt and most of us have kept postponing that little refactoring in our code for some other day, thereby accumulating technical debt that we are not likely to overcome.

Have a great week !

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.


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