A Call To Students: Participate in HardCode

If you are an undergraduate or high-school student, this is a great opportunity to show your skills with the cloud and demonstrate secure coding practices that is the need of the hour when you write public facing applications that are open 24×7.

To help promote secure development habits, Google is partnering with the organizers of SyScan to host Hardcode, a secure coding contest on the Google App Engine platform.

The contest is open to teams of up to 5 students. In the initial round, each team will be told to submit an application that meets certain functional and security requirements. The judges will select the top 5 submissions from that for a final round to be held in Singapore on April 23-25, 2013. The top prize winner takes home Singapore $20,000.

So if you pride yourself on your hacking skills, why not play the role of defender for a change and built a secure app. I can guarantee you that it will be very valuable in the years to come ahead.

Hardcode begins on Friday, January 18th. Subscribe now to get notified about the details.

If you are looking at beginning on App Engine, you can refer to my material.


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