10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – January 15 Edition

Here are the 10 stories for this week:

  • AWS Management Android App: If you are using AWS and have an Android phone, this application can be useful to have on your phone.
  • Most Annoying Things about an App for a New User: A nice article that explains some of the areas that you should pay special attention to while releasing a mobile application. The tips are valuable and you should consider them before releasing any mobile application.
  • Hiring Great Engineers: A solid interview on what it takes to hire great engineers.
  • The Future of Programming: Edd Dumbill gives an overview of what you as a programmer will end up encountering/doing in the next decade.
  • Product Lessons Learnt: Neil Patel shares with everyone the top 7 lessons that he has learnt while launching 5 products. The lessons are important, often ignored at the cost of the product.
  • APIs as a competitive advantage: An article that delves into how you can formulate your API strategy to give you an advantage. APIs cannot be ignored and 2013 is going to see them being increasingly used for strategic advantage.
  • Google Play User Comments/Reviews Changes: Google Play announced that it is rolling out the feature to allow app developers to respond to user comments and reviews, to all developers. This is a welcome step and in my opinion, it is likely to create more chaos. It is not yet available in my account and I am not sure what the mechanism is going to be ? Would it be a threaded conversation or just a one time response.
  • Java in Browser Security Alert : Oracle has released a security patch to address 2 security vulnerabilities for Java in web browsers. Does not affect Java in Server and Desktop apps and affects only Java 7.
  • Continuous Software Delivery in the Cloud : Continuous Software Delivery is very important in today’s world but what does it mean to deliver it in the Cloud. Read this article on how to harness OpenDelivery, an Open CD in the cloud.
  • Learn Meteor today: What do you get when you try to combine real-time availability of data and a Java Script framework? You get Meteor, a JavaScript framework that wants to make your life of building real-time websites much easier.

Have a great week !

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