Google App Engine Workshop Material

A few days to go for the App Engine workshop that I plan to conduct on January 12-13 at BITS Pilani (GOA) campus in association with Google Developer Group (Goa).

For those of you who will be present, we will harness the cloud. For those of you, who cannot make it – there is no excuse not to get going with writing your applications in the cloud, that are powered by one of the popular PaaS platforms out there : Google App Engine.appengine-bitsquark


I have made the entire material for my workshop available that you can follow at your own pace. Now drop those plans for the weekend and say “Hello World” to the cloud with Google App Engine.

Material Website :

The project page above contains a README that should guide you in terms of what to setup and navigating through the material.

The material contains:

1) Presentation: All 3 formats : .pptx, .ppt and pdf. Pick your choice. If you feel that there is another format that is important, let me know. I shall keep that in mind from next time.

2) Hands – on Exercises : Step by Step guide to building out a simple Exam Results application, that allows students to query for their exam results by seat number via Web, XMPP (Google Chat) and Email.

3) Source code for each step

I would love to receive your feedback. Let me know what new chapters/services you would like to see. If you hit any issues, do let me know via email.



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