GitHub System Status Bot

I am pleased to announce to the world, the release of GitHub System Status Bot. This is an automated GTalk Bot that will give you information on the current status of GitHub System and optionally, allow you to opt-in for System status changes via IM Notifications.


A dedicated site for the GitHub Status Bot has been setup at and full instructions on how to add it as a friend in GTalk is available here.

Getting started is as easy as the following:

  • Add as a friend/buddy in GTalk
  • Once added, it understands a total of 7 commands and here is a sample screenshot of the Bot in action when you ask it for help:

The Bot is powered by the following:

In case, you wish to grab the source code, check out the GitHub project. You are free to download, modify and use the source code in any which way you see fit.

And of course, if this whets your appetite on writing your own Bot and you wish to learn how to do that, check out my article.

Contact me anytime if you wish. If you have a few ideas for Bots and wish to collaborate, do let me know.

Hope you enjoy the GitHub System Status Bot.


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