10 Tech Stories To Read – December 4 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week.

  • Are you getting your design right or do you have the right design?: Mike Krieger from Instagram shares his thoughts on how you can get the design of your applications right. With App design an important aspect now of any mobile application, this article presents a process that you can follow to get your design right.
  • Git Tutorial from Vogella: Lars Vogel, whom I call the “Lord of the Tutorials” has released an updated Git Tutorial.
  • Android App Crash Reporting: If you are looking for your Android Application Crash reports to be available to you and an ability to get reporting facilities, try this out.
  • How smart a simple app can be!: A great article that digs into the latest app, Polar and the design that makes it a joy to use.
  • HTML5Hacks.com: A site that covers various HTML5 features with a comprehensive Github site with code.
  • The Developer Renaissance: A great article that shows the significance of developers in today’s computer industry.
  • Google Code-in 2012: If you know any 13-17 year old pre-university (high school) student interested in computer science, then this could be a great opportunity for them to work on open source projects.
  • Google Compute Engine: Google is positioning itself as a serious contender to grab a share of the cloud infrastructure. With new data centers and reduction in prices, it does look a viable option.
  • Heyoffline.js: If you are looking for a JavaScript library to manage online/offline events in your web application, try this one.
  • State of the Lambda: Java 8 release is a year away and one of the most important language introductions is going to be support for lambda expressions. Check out the current state of affairs and where things stand today.

Have a great week !

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