10 Tech Stories To Read – November 20 Edition

After a vacation break, here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week.

  • Deployment Automation Patterns: A Reference Card that discusses common deployment automation patterns. Useful for everyone to formalize the process.
  • Android 4.2 Date bug: The latest Android Release has a serious bug in which the Calendar just skips the month of December. Folks born in December can remain forever young. But on a serious note, shocking to see the kind of holes in the release process that result in bugs that surface despite the best efforts of the team.
  • API Jobs Portal: The fact that public Web APIs have resulted in the surge of applications has also created a brand new category of jobs. If you dig APIs and are looking for a career in designing, developing, envangelizing them, check out the API Jobs Portal.
  • From Ruby to Java at Twitter: Some mind boggling numbers and some interesting technology options at Twitter, which helped them survive the load observed during the US Presidential Election.
  • HTML5 History API: A quick tutorial on what the HTML5 History API brings to the table.
  • Cluster Aware Applications in Java: An article from Developerworks that discusses how to design/code cluster aware applications in Java. Given the fact the resiliency is paramount in applications today, this is required reading.
  • Multi-Pad iTable: What do you get when you combine multiple iPads into one single table where each of the iPads can communicate to each other to show the content? You are right ! It is the Multi-Pad iTable. Read through it, it is sure to generate some ideas into you.
  • Can we make money?: It is often said that all you need to do to earn money in today’s App World is to learn the Apple Dev tools, write an application and watch the bank balance grow. Several years now since the App Store release, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to live that dream. Yes, winners will emerge but the ratio of people who cannot make it, keeps increasing.
  • Google Cloud SQL: Fancy a MySQL Database instance in the Cloud from Google. Try out Google Cloud SQL that is free to evaluate till June 2013.
  • Amazon Simple Workflow Service patterns: Amazon has a Workflow Service that you can use in the cloud. Here is a nice catalog of patterns using the Flow framework. For workflow developers, some of the patterns will seem familiar.

Have a great week !

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