10 Tech Stories To Read – November 6 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • DZone Refcards: DZone now has a total of 150+ reference cards on a variety of developer frameworks. If you are looking for a quick overview, this are good way to get started. Check out the Android Ref card as an example.
  • API Server Design – Denormalization is the key: If you have done any client programming to access the various public APIs available, you will have noticed that at times, you need to make multiple calls to get the information. This article stresses on denormalization of your Server API to return as much as possible in a single call itself. A very important point if  you are writing a Server API.
  • YQL – the Swiss Army of Web Services: If you have used YQL, you will remember how it looked the only thing that you would need to access the web services out there. Well, it still is, if it meets your requirements. But have you wondered about the different things that YQL can do for you. Check out this article.
  • Designing JavaScript APIs: Learn about some of the best practices in JavaScript API Design.
  • about.json: Kin Lane makes an excellent point in asking every website to include an about.json file that provides access to important information like name, contact, profile urls, logo images and much more. This would save everyone so much time in searching on the web. Go ahead and write an about.json today. Here is an example of about.json for Kin’s website.
  • Chrome Desktop Remote Screen Sharing Service: It was high time that the feature of screen sharing came into the browser itself. If Chrome can crack this well, it could change things for a lot of companies, for both good and worse.
  • CSS Media Queries for Responsive Sites: Thinking about writing a responsive site to cater to the various devices trying to access your web site. Take a look at this article.
  • AppEngine and Java 7: If  you are using the Google PaaS platform AppEngine, you should know that in its latest release they have announced support for some features of Java 7. The support is currently only on your local development server but will soon be announced in the runtime also. So if you are itching to use some of the new language features like Strings in case statemetns, automatic resource cleanups, etc – give it a spin.
  • Mobile Phone Security: A nice info-graphic that compares security features in an Android vs iOS showdown.
  • What makes developers happy, angry, and everything in between? : A PDF paper that has done an analysis of Github Project data, more than 3000+ of them. The painstaking effort that has gone into this and the results are interesting.

Have a great week !

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