My ProgrammableWeb Posts – October 2012

My writings for in October 2012 are listed below:

New Google AppEngine Release Previews Java 7 Language support 10/31/2012
Today In APIs: API Strategy Conference, Google Maps Enables Natural Geography Views, AWS Storage Gateway and 12 New APIs 10/30/2012
Today In APIs: Zendesk Radar API, AT&T Developer Summit and 20 New APIs 10/23/2012
Developers code 330+ Apps during Facebook World Hack 2012 10/22/2012
Today In APIs: Google Maps building footprints, Bing Ads V7 to retire and 17 New APIs 10/19/2012
Today in APIs: MyFitnessPal API, Facebook World HACK Winners, New Google Play Console and 13 New APIs 10/16/2012
Today In APIs: Box sees solid growth, Streak CRM, Text My Bus and 11 New APIs 10/11/2012
Today In APIs: API Mashup Contest returns, Skype API vulnerability, TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon and 8 New APIs 10/09/2012
Today in APIs: Electricity Data API, Lemon Wallet API and 22 New APIs 10/03/2012
Today In APIs: Alfresco Mobile SDK, Craigslist targets Mashery 10/02/2012

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