10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – October 16 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Building Quality Tablet Apps: If you are building an Android application for a Tablet, you should check out this checklist published by the official Android Developers blog.
  • The Rise of Mobile Email: A new data survey indicates that iPhone Mail beats Outlook as far as client usage is concerned. Interesting statistics and which is likely to keep growing.
  • A Better Android Emulator: One of the pain points of Android development is debugging on the various emulators. In comes, Many Mo, which plans to address this by being a drop-in replacement for local emulators.
  • Streak CRM: A great example of how a company built a CRM right inside of Gmail by using almost all the available Google Cloud Services from AppEngine to Big Query.
  • Apache Tomcat 7 Clustering: A detailed guide on what clustering is and using Apache Tomcat to achieve that.
  • WebPlatform.org: An open community that aims to bring all documentation for Web standards under one roof.
  • Knappsack Mobile App Distribution: Ever faced a scenario where you have written a mobile application but do not want to distribute it yet on the public App stores. If you are looking for distributing your app to a closed set of users or for secure enterprise rollout, then Knappsack could be a potential solution that you could look at.
  • Securing RESTful WS with OAuth2: If you are still looking out for a document like most of us to understand why OAuth2 is needed, read up this detailed guide.
  • New Developer Toolbar in Firefox: The new version of Firefox debuts a revamped Developer Toolbar and support for Command Line tools to control various aspects.
  • Developing Applications with Cloud Services: A great presentation from Chris Richardson at Java One 2012 for developing/architecting your applications in the cloud.

Have a great week !

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