10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – October 9 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Github is the Social Network of the Future: Kin Lane makes an interesting point about the potential that Github holds. As a developer, who is now seeing the benefit of using Github as a content repository, his points are spot on in my opinion.
  • Lambda Expressions FAQ: Lamba Expressions (Closures) is often touted as one of the major feature additions to the Java language. Stay on top of this with this FAQ.
  • Build for the Doer: An excellent view point that you should look at when creating software. This is a must read and contains practical points that you need to look at in your product vision, especially if you are a small team.
  • Faking Android news: Not sure what to make of the recent Android 4.2 news that is coming out. One article speaks of the features while another article says that it was all false and they did not validate any information.
  • Foundation 3: Looking for a responsive web design framework? Take a look at Foundation 3.
  • Desmos: Did you ever imagine that Graphing calculators would go social? If Desmos can execute well, students can not just save on the expensive devices but even share/comment/learn from each others graphs. Desmos also secured funding to the tune of a million dollars from Google Ventures.
  • Saving Android: Interesting post that strikes at the heart of Android. Yes, this is a problem and as Android developers we need to accept this rather than pretending that the different manufacturers are not doing it. I still think that Amazon is setting a dangerous precedent for Android. It is so tempting for a big player to go and fork Android into some incompatible territory.
  • My iPad for Kids: The iPad or for that matter the tablet is now at a tipping point in terms of using it officially inside of a classroom in most countries. A chapter extract from the book shows some basic ways in which any student can get going with the iPad and using it for class notes.
  • The Mainframes of the modern area: A nice post that explains how most Content Management Systems on the web are illsuited to a modern world where most of the data/services will be accessed via an API.
  • HTML5 Drag & Drop: A good overview of dragging/dropping objects within your web browser.

Have a great week !

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