Study Material from Android 101 Development Session at NitroDroid 2012

Last week I presented at NitroDroid 2012, where I took a 2-3 hour session on the basics of Android programming. It is natural that all the participants might not be able to work out the hands-on sessions. Keeping that in mind, I setup a Github site that contains all the material from the session.

Here is the URL :

You will find the following material:

  • Presentation slides (in multiple formats)
  • Hands-on Exercises (in multiple formats) : These are actual exercises that you can follow inside of Eclipse. Just go through them step by step and you will soon be on your way to developing Android applications. There are a total of 4 hands-on exercises and each of them have been referenced in the Presentation slides, so do follow the presentation slides and when it mentions the hands-on exercises, it is time for doing them.
  • Each hands-on exercise is available for both the older version of the ADT and the new one where the Android Project Development wizard inside of Eclipse was changed. So you will find the same hands-on exercise document also available with the -NewPlugin suffix. Use that document if you have the latest version of the ADT installed.
  • Complete Source code in the form of importable Eclipse projects for all the hands-on exercises along with the Quote Android application

Keep in mind that it is assumed that you have an Android Development environment setup correctly on your machine. And by that I mean:

  • Java SDK
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android SDK (atleast downloaded 2.3 and/or 4.1 SDK)
  • Android Eclipse plugin (ADT)

If you do not have the Android environment setup, I strongly suggest to follow the original article at :

I hope to keep enhancing this site as some of the changes happen in the Android SDK but the focus will still be on starting out with Android programming.

Do share the site and give me some feedback. If there is any point that confuses you, let me know. I am seriously determined to help every wanna be developer program the Android devices that they have.

PS: NitroDroid 2012 was an excellent conference arranged in Goa. Read my conference report.


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