10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – October 2 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Dagger: We have all come to love our dependency injection frameworks. The Dagger framework plans to bring DI to Android.
  • Notfound.org : A brilliant way to make use of the HTTP 404 error. You can now plug this custom 404 page which displays missing people. It would be great if it could utilize the geolocation from the IP to fine tune results.
  • Cryptography in JavaScript: Need cryptography routines in JavaScript? If yes, try this library.
  • HTML5 Features you may not know about: A nice article that highlights some nifty HTML5 features. I read and write a lot about HTML5 but there were a few here that I did not know about.
  • 3 Things to remember while designing Mobile Apps: Great article that highlights 3 key points: Save the Battery, Bandwidth is not Free and [Small Screens, Busy Hands & Fat Fingers].
  • When Things Go Wrong: No matter how much you’ve prepared your presentation, chances are some unexpected thing happens. This article gives some top tips to stay calm and on addressing common issues. If you present regularly you will identify with many of these points.
  • harp.io: An interesting platform that is currently open by invite only. But the idea is simple and could bring an entire new set of people on board to web development. Just use Github to manage your  HTML,CSS and JS files. We will have to wait and watch.
  • deployd.com: Mobile backend as a Service is currently a very hot area. deployd.com is another player in this space that lets you build  mobile backend in minutes. Similar to parse.com.
  • Engaging with Beta Users: Does  your product have a Beta program? If yes, how do you interact with them during this phase, how do you track them? Here are some great tips for engaging with your Beta users from the folks at FullContact.
  • HTML5 vs ePub3 : Debating between which format to use for your next book? This article presents a balanced discussion on these formats and also looks at web applications v/s eBooks.

Bonus Link: For those who get a lot of ideas in the shower, try this product which presents a water proof notepad to help jot down your ideas while the water is falling on you.

Have a great week !

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