New Android App : Science Level 3

Mind Storm Software is pleased to release its latest Android application in the Google Play Store : Science Level 3.

Science Level 3 is an application that contains a Question Bank of General Science questions on the following:

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Body Parts.

The application is ideally suited for students in Grade 3 who wish to be tested on their knowledge of General Science. With both Study mode and a Test mode, the application is a great companion for your school textbook.

The application is free of cost and Advertisements since we believe that it is important for an ad free experience when you want to study. To download the application, simply visit the Google Play store link. The application is designed to work from low end Android phones right to the wide screen Android Tablets.

High Level Features

  • 100+ questions
  • Each question is asked with 4 options, out of which one of them is the correct answer
  • Study Mode: In this mode, you can go through each of the questions. You can select an answer and if the answer is wrong, it will prompt with the correct answer.
  • Test Mode: You can take a quiz to test out your knowledge. You can opt for 10, 20 or 25 questions. In the test mode, you have to select the answer to the selected number of questions. Once the total number of questions are done, you are given a summary report of your results.
  • Bookmark: You can create a bookmark at any of the questions to go back to the specific question at any time in the Study mode.
  • Important Question: You can mark as important any question, especially if you wish to focus on revising important questions to get you more practice. Simply click on Important in the main menu to browse through the important questions quickly.

Here are some screenshots:

We hope you like the application and we plan to get more subjects at different Grade and topics soon. Do show your support by leaving feedback on the Google Play Store.

Suggestions for future applications are also welcome.


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