My ProgrammableWeb Posts – September 2012

My writings for in September 2012 are listed below:

Today In APIs: to pay top developers, redBus uses BigQuery and 12 New APIs 09/28/2012
IEG brings Banking Analytics Conference to New York 09/27/2012
Today In APIs: WhatsApp and Craigslist in legal battles, Apigee Data Center API and 16 New APIs 09/25/2012
App Engine Slays 130+ bugs in New Release 09/25/2012
Today In APIs: IFTTT Pulls Twitter Support, Build Election Apps, API Pricing and 20 New APIs 09/21/2012
Today In APIs: Google App Engine, AT&T Speech, Google Analytics Event and 5 New APIs 09/18/2012
Today In APIs: Foursquare Hackathon, CardShark API, Personal Genome API and 14 New APIs 09/14/2012
Today In APIs : Intuit Opens up API, Recognizing Developers, Killer Mashup Ideas and 20 New APIs 09/11/2012
Today In APIs: Twitter API drops RSS Support, Facebook API Updates, Amazon Glacier and 21 New APIs 09/07/2012
Today In APIs: WhyGo Conference Facilities API, Socialcam Opens API and 22 New APIs 09/04/2012
IEG brings Predictive Analysis and Business Intelligence Conferences to Chicago

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