10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 25 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • When a ‘C’ beats an ‘A’: A good article from FullContact, who provide an API to address the contact address problem. They explain using theory and practice how you might benefit from shorter feedback. Equally important in the article is their practical example of how it worked well for them when they had to get their API pricing right.
  • Heroku Enterprise for Java: Looking for a cloud hosting for your Java Enterprise application. Give Heroku platform a try. And with their Java templates, you could get familiar with the process real fast.
  • Cloud Editors: With both online storage and bandwidth getting cheaper and faster, the days are not far when our IDEs will reside in the cloud. And the code might get synced with your source repository and even deployed into your hosting provider. But first, check out this article which provides real options available today for Cloud IDEs.
  • Hiring is Broken: Another article from the FullContact blog on how a couple of applications plan to change how you hire your next employee. Really interesting options and sometimes it makes you think why this has not been done so far.
  • Program or get Programmed: This article discusses why learning how to program is becoming an essential tool now and will be in the future. The info graphic created by Allison Morris is a great one that you could use at schools or even your office to encourage programming.
  • Microsoft Employees to get them all: Microsoft has decided to give its employees a Surface Tablet, PCs and Phones all running their Windows 8 OS. Interesting move and probably one of the best ways to get critical feedback. Hopefully Angry Birds will be disabled!
  • Pushing the limits with HTML5: Movi Kanti Revo is a Chrome experiment that takes you through some of the Cirque Du Soleil experience. The experiment runs only in the Chrome browser and utilizes HTML5. Solid stuff. But I wonder how many programmers on Earth can do this?
  • 9 overlooked technologies that could change the world: While this is not a programming topic, it presents some alternate technologies that could bring about some much needed transformation in various areas.
  • Open Source, Software Hygiene and STDs : Once in a while an article comes along that makes you sit up and think about what your own stand on software licenses is. I found this article to be one of them and it is relevant to all of us, who have got used to the Github process of just sharing, forking and moving along without caring about what it is all going to lead to. If you are the owner/creator of any software, this article is a must read and something you should give a serious thought to.
  • 29 Things I, as a designer, wish more tech startups knew: A great check list for any start up from a designer. No matter how functional you make your app, design is important and probably the thing that will turn the tide in favor of your application.

Have a great week !

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