10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 18 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Mobile HTML5 : A lot of noise has got created over Facebook doing a bit of refocus on their native client versus the mobile HTML5 client. Here is an important email sent to W3C and it has points that hit the nail on the head. Two of the important ones are testing and the AppCache support. The last one is a not just busted but a cruel joke at times. To me, it is the single most important feature coupled with localStorage that should work on Mobile HTML5 to even think of competing against native mobile clients. And it comes short when you move across devices and browsers.
  • Java and the curious case of the Logging API: Anyone who has worked with Java over the last 10 years can subscribe to the fact that an important thing like Logging has gone through APIs and interfaces, when it should have been specified from day 1. Check out this history for an amusing round up.
  • Its All About Selling: A good roundup on what the new Amazon Kindle means to well… Amazon, who else ?
  • The Rise and Rise of JavaScript: An article that puts JavaScript in the spotlight and why it is responsible for the renaissance of Web Development. Do not agree with the fact that JavaScript or the Web was dead, but I do not doubt the central theme i.e. JavaScript. If I were starting today, I would only focus on this language.
  • Forward the Foundation: Just when you think you have done enough reading to understand what NoSQL is, comes along FoundationDB, a database different from the others.
  • OS in a Display Monitor: Viewsonic releases a Display Monitor that runs the Android OS. I am not sure how this is different from any Android Tablet. Probably larger in Size or maybe a restricted Android Marketplace access? But yes, there is definitely a sweet spot I think for devices like this. Display terminals, Hotels, Airport terminals, Medical offices and many more.
  • What is a Mobile Experience?: Prajyot Mainkar nails it in this detailed article on what a Mobile Experience is ? It does not come as a surprise that it does not happen by accident.
  • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Cloud Architects: A great summary of key points that distinguish the architects from the want to be architects.
  • Keys to a fast Web App: An article that reemphasizes on 3 pillars of a fast (or seemingly fast) web application : Ajax, JavaScript and Caching. Despite so much stuff available on Caching, it amazes me to this day, how a simple and effective mechanism like that is continuously ignored by development teams.
  • Why Interns Should Blog: David Hu is probably someone I am keeping a close watch on since I am willing to bet on him doing some great work ahead in his career. The Khan Academy intern has already done some solid work there and has a most interesting web site called the Numbers API. In this article he goes deep into why Interns should blog.

Have a great week !

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