10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – September 11 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Android maintains European domination: A report that shows that Android is firmly entrenched in Europe and will continue to increase its market share.
  • HTML5 Blob Objects: Did you know that you could handle Blob objects directly in your browser apps using HTML5. Take a look.
  • Opera Mini and Javascript: A great in-depth technical article on Opera Mini, how it works, its support for Javascript and much more.
  • Fork and Join in Java: Get the full rundown on Fork and Join framework in Java.
  • Going offline with HTML5: Offline web applications are the key to ensuring that browser applications are able to compete on key features with native mobile apps. This is an excellent in-depth article that discusses how HTML5 brings offline capabilities to browser apps and detailed explanation with working example of ApplicationCache.
  • Writing a jQuery Plugin: Ever wondered how to write a jQuery plugin. Try this tutorial.
  • Writing a Chrome Extension: We covered how to write a jQuery plugin above. Now its time to learn how to write your first Chrome Extension.
  • HTML5 in Trouble in mobile-land?: A good article that states quite clearly the challenges that lie ahead for HTML5 if we are to deliver on the promise of one code base and serving on multiple platforms.
  • HashMap vs ConcurrentHashMap in Java: This is a popular interview question during a Java interview but one that should be understood by all Java developers.
  • Tips for Android Tabs: Dealing with tabs in Android applications. Take a look at this article that shows some the best practices, user design paradigms using Tabs.

Have a great week !

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