10 Tech Stories To Read – September 4 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Facebook and HTML5: Facebook is a big proponent of HTML5. But at times, pragmatism requires that you use the best technology for the task. The article discusses Facebook building out the iOS5 version of their app. I do not necessarily agree that they have kissed HTML5 goodbye.
  • Top 5 surprises when starting out as a developer: A good article for folks starting out in the industry about the realities of software development. For experienced folks, it is reassuring that a lot of people feel the same.
  • Performance & Fault Tolerance of the Netflix API: Netflix is one of the API billionaires and probably has one of the most complicated yet robust API infrastructure in place since they serve content to so many types of devices. The presentation goes into the gory technical details.
  • Influential Big Data companies: Big Data is often touted as the next big opportunity in software. This article gives an overview of the companies that are currently leaping ahead and influencing the landscape.
  • HTMl5 Tutorials: Various HTML5 tutorials that are useful to developers.
  • MongoDB and Mongoose: Make modelling a breeze in MongoDB with the help of Mongoose, an ORM like layer on top of MongoDB.
  • Module Pattern in JavaScript: Want to modularize your JavaScript code. Learn about the Module pattern in JavaScript.
  • Deep Dive into writing an HTML5 game: This IBM Developerworks series promises to be an interesting one in which you can learn the details about writing an HTML5 game. The first part has just kicked off.
  • Google Play Content Policy Changes: If you are confused about the recent changes that Google is bringing in terms of Content policy for Android applications, check out this useful infographic.
  • Apps & Tools for HTML5 Developers: Here is a list of applications and tools that you will need to have handy while doing HTML5 development.

Have a great week !

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