My ProgrammableWeb Posts – August 2012

My posts for August 2012 were:

Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Google Places API Challenge, GymPact and 12 New APIs 08/30/2012
India Restricts SMS, Mobile Messaging Apps See Boost 08/30/2012
Google AppEngine Adds Admin Features, Removes Conversion API 08/28/2012
Developer Events Roundup: Facebook World Hack 2012, Stripe’s CTF and more 08/24/2012
Topsy Pro Analytics Provides Instant Social Insight 08/23/2012
Today In APIs: Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS, AWS powers NASA Content, API Job Specializations and 17 New APIs 08/08/2012
IEG Brings Predictive Analysis and Big Data Conferences to Dublin 08/07/2012
Today In APIs: Yfrog Social, Mobile BaaS, Twitter suspends Mobber and 9 New APIs 08/03/2012

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