10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – August 21 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Top Websites for teaching and learning: A great collection of sites if you are into teaching.
  • Computer Science from Khan Academy: And while we are on the topic of teaching and education, Khan Academy has brought out an interesting module that helps us all learn Computer Science. The beginnings of this look solid and it should be interesting to see how people tweak it via collaboration. Interesting to see Processing being used as a key part of it all.
  • Javascript Quiz: Fancy a small JavaScript quiz? Try it. It does contain some good basic questions to ask if you are taking an interview.
  • Amazon Glacier: Every time you feel that Amazon has defined every Cloud offering, it comes out with more for less. Amazon Glacier is a secure vault in the cloud for archiving your data at just 1cent per GB per month. Don’t confuse this with cloud file storage providers. The archived data in Amazon Glacier takes a few hours to get delivered to you.
  • Hidden cost of Google App Engine: A short blog post but a very important observation. Premature Optimization is the Root of all Evil seems to be the premise over here. The article makes a very valid point, in my opinion.
  • Babylscript: Ever wanted to program in your own language rather than English? Bablyscript wants to solve that problem. Also read an interview with the founder.
  • Twitter Bootstrap: A new version of Twitter Bootsrap is released. Check it out and seriously consider it for your next web project.
  • Twitter sacrifices Developers: In its quest to fulfill investor and advertising contracts, Twitter is willing to pass over developers like you and me.
  • Solving the Wannabe problem for Healthcare: No matter which way you look at it, Healthcare and IT have a long history and the best is yet to come. This article looks at how data science can help transform Healthcare.
  • Enterprise IT Adoption Cycle: A fun but realistic look at how Enterprises adopt IT. Just a graphic here but it says a lot.

Have a great week !

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