10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – August 14 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Daily JS: Javascript is the language to learn now. If you are familiar with Javascript and need a daily dose of some area of Javascript, the Daily JS is just the perfect dish for you. By the way, they are also looking for writers.
  • BBC Online Olympic Stats: The BBC Online team has published some mind boggling stats about online viewers during the Olympics. Most likely, this is the medium that will grow manifold in the years to come.
  • Building Blocks of a successful API: Kin Lane is not just the only human on this planet that has gone through each public API published in detail but he is now in the process of even publishing his analysis of common patterns that make a successful API.
  • App.net: The movement to create an ad-free alternative to Twitter has met some initial goals in terms of funding. You can read two opposite views on whether this will succeed. Venture Beat tends to think so. ReadWriteWeb does not think so.
  • Phonegap API Explorer: You can now explore the Phonegap API on your iPad. Check out this meta application. I am bullish on more applications like this that simply give you access to API directories and information/usage on them.
  • Getting Your App Ready for Jelly Bean and Nexus 7: If you wish to get your Android apps ready for the latest release and the new Nexus 7 device, then this article gives the important points that you need to pay attention to.
  • Gradle: This build automation tool is gathering steam. Ignore it at your own peril if you are from the Java world. Get started with this tutorial book.
  • Montage: A framework that allows you to use the two hottest technologies: HTML5 and NodeJS. Bottom line: Use Javascript on both the client and the server.
  • PageSpeed Service: This service from Google has been around for a while. Check out the new optimizations introduced to help your web sites run faster.
  • Stripe: If you have never heard of Stripe, you better know about it. Here is a detailed article on how Stripe has helped one developer meet his goal. This is a real from the trenches story.

Have a great week !

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