10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – August 7 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  •  Learn Python: If you have been wanting to learn the language that is probably the most popular in universities, try it the Codeacademy way.
  • API Worst Practices: You probably know about the best practices for an API but what about the worst ones? This article gives you the list.
  • Sheep can now cry “Wolf”: If you think I am joking, look at a project that allows Sheep to SMS their owners if Wolf attack them.
  • Google Play App Guidelines: Google recently updated its content policy to get a bit stricter with Applications that flout the rules openly. If you have some apps on the Play market, check these out. However the bigger question is whether Google wants to implement some sort of approval before any app is put on the market for download. That is going to be a tall task but not impossible. Possibly good for Android, if you ask me and should have been there from day 1.
  • 6 Ways to Accelerate Hello World: Ask any programmer if they would like to try your API and chances are that they will ask you how much time will it to register, download and do a Hello World. If you are talking more than 15-20 minutes, chances are that you need to go back to the drawing board. The article lists down how you can create this positive and absolutely necessary experience of getting new developers to write their Hello World with your API.
  • New Chrome Browser supports Webcam: After Voice support, comes the news that we can now even plug into the Webcam right from the browser. Another article asks us if we should be scared of that.
  • Date Control support in Chrome: Did you know that HTML5 supports various input types that makes it easier for users to enter different types of data. This is especially critical on mobile devices. This article has a brief update on the Date Control support in Google Chrome. Beware, support for input types in various browsers is quite patchy and at times non-existent.
  • Roles and Permissions with Spring Security 3: Ever felt that the Spring Security model was too simplistic with just roles. Check out this article that shows you how to implement a Roles-Permission feature seamlessly using Spring Security.
  • War against developers: The last few months has seen big players like Facebook and Twitter anger developers by dropping APIs, stopping it for others, etc. With the need to monetize being larger than ever before, will these companies desert the very ecosystem that got them to where they are in the first place.
  • Useful JVM Flags: Once in a while, we all need to go back to the Java command line and do some magic there. A series of articles that covers useful JVM flags. Great level of detail. You will find links to several others parts at the end of the article.

Have a great week !

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.



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