My ProgrammableWeb Posts – July 2012

My posts for July 2012 were:

Today In APIs: Yfrog Social, Mobile BaaS, Twitter suspends Mobber and 9 New APIs 08/03/2012
Today In APIs: Twilio Contest, Viddy announces public API, Mashape API Marketplace and 13 New APIs 07/31/2012
Today In APIs: SAP Mobile Developer Program, CBS Fantasy Football Challenge, VCs bet on API Management and 17 New APIs 07/30/2012
Today In APIs: Twitter Shutdown, OAuth Showdown and 10 New APIs 07/27/2012
Today in APIs: A New API Billionaire, API Architect Job, Photo Hack Day Winner and 13 New APIs 07/26/2012
Today in APIs: Map updates, Facebook Platform Updates, Mapquest Official iPhone API and 14 New APIs 07/20/2012
Today in APIs: Minneapolis 311 App, Google Developer Expert Program and 12 New APIs 07/19/2012
Boston to discuss Big Data this September 07/18/2012
Today In APIs : Scandit, StoryTeller, Photo Hack Day 3 and 18 New APIs 07/13/2012
Twilio SMS Goes International: 150 Countries 07/12/2012
Boston to Hold Social Media Analytics and Big Data Conferences 07/10/2012
Serve Up The Best API Cocktail in Sensis API Challenge 07/09/2012
Today in APIs: Future of Social, MapQuest Offers Unlimited Free Maps and 13 New APIs 07/06/2012
Today in APIs: Facebook Location Tagging, Cloud API Standards, Print Button 07/05/2012
Rewinding YouTube API Updates From Google I/O 07/05/2012

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