10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 31 Edition

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • jQuery Mobile Debugging Tips: jQuery Mobile is fast becoming one of the preferred web mobile UI frameworks that works across devices. Read up this document for some good tips on debugging, cause you need them.
  • API Tech Management companies in the spotlight: Venture Capitalists have shown a keen interest in API Tech Management companies. The big two : Apigee and Mashery announce new rounds of funding. A very positive step for the API ecosystem.
  • Mary Meeker’s mobile trends: When Mary Meeker talks (or writes), we generally need to listen (or read). Here is here latest analysis on some mobile trends.
  • Free Courses from leading universities: Online education is the current rage. Here is a great list of free courses available from leading universities. Are you planning to take one?
  • Template for Demos: Are you a developer looking out to showcase your coding chops? If yes, this is a nice starter template to organize all your demos in a professional way. A good online impression does count.
  • Decoding your Cloud Computing Bill: An excellent article that helps us understand the items in your cloud computing bill. With the Cloud well positioned to be our deployment choice of the future, understanding the basic economics of how your are going to get charged is important. When the vendors say, we only charge you for what you use, things are not too clear. Read this article to get the basics in place.
  • Usergrid from Apigee: A while back I mentioned about Parse.com, a great backend service for your mobile apps. Here is another one from the folks at Apigee. If your mobile app needs a backend to store data, you really don’t need to dive into coding all the server side. Check out parse.com and Usergrid and it is likely they will do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Facebook Apps and App Engine: If App Engine is your preferred PaaS and you want to write a Facebook application powered by it, check out this article.
  • Google Cloud Messaging: At the recent Google I/O 2012, Google Cloud Messaging was announced as the new version of Cloud 2 Device Messaging. Usage Limits have been removed and it presents a great solution for sending push notifications to your Android applications. Check out this introductory article.
  • O’Reilly Animals Technology Project: This one is not too technical but nevertheless important. If you have done any software development, most likely you have an O’Reilly book and seen those beautiful animals that they use on their book covers. The fact is that most of them are in danger of extinction. This article discusses the Animal Project setup by O’Reilly and current Tech projects where you can contribute and make a difference.

Just for fun: Check out this funny image of “If Web Browsers were guns!“.

Have a great week!

Check out the entire series of “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”.


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