10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – July 10, 2012

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Doomed by Design?: Was Windows Phone 7 doomed by design. A detailed article that takes you through the details. It definitely does not augur well for a company that is struggling to convince Developers to make apps for their platform and then go around and tell the consumers that their Windows Phone 7 device is not even in their plans for the future. My suggestion, give the users an exchange plan for their phones at a nominal cost once Windows Phone 8 phones are not. Logistically, that is impossible to expect.
  • A Cloud API Standard: If you happen to listen to any Cloud pessimist, they usually tell you that there is no interoperability standard among cloud computing vendors. They are right and wrong. Right because there is none. Wrong because there is one. By default, it is the Amazon API.
  • AWS Outage: Amazon Web Services was in the news for its recent outage. Any trip by AWS results in several sites going down. This is now a given but it is interesting to see at times what causes the problem. Yes, there was a power outage, but scenarios like that in turn create a perfect environment for some dormant bugs to spring up. Check it out.
  • Code Completion: The latest version of Eclipse Juno is out and contains some solid work that has gone into code recommendation. Kudos to the team that helps developers be more productive everyday.
  • Try Git: Git has established itself as the preferred source control system. If you have never tried Git, here is a great way to spend 15 minutes of  your time.
  • Stack Ranking: A management technique is probably responsible for Microsoft’s inability to innovate in the last 10 years? I am not too sure, if this is correct. Microsoft, whether you like it or not – still continues to make products, continues to update products that are used by billions and makes a boatload of profit. I do not think any company in this world can get their appraisal process nailed down perfectly and a large number of employees care a damn about appraisal.
  • eXo Cloud IDE: Ever tried an IDE in the cloud that supports various application languages/frameworks, Version Control and can even deploy your app to popular PaaS platforms. If not, give eXo a try.
  • The Guy Who Invented The Mouse: Any idea who invented the mouse ? We all ought to know his name. Watch Mr. Douglas Engelbert in a video introducing the mouse to the world.
  • Facebook shuts down Face.com API: Facebook recently acquired Face.com, that had some interesting Facial recognition software. Face.com also had a popular API and what did the Facebook do after taking over Face.com? They have discontinued the API. Read another analysis here.
  • Lessons learnt by Netflix: The AWS Outage affected large customers like Netflix. In this article they point out the lessons learnt.

Have a great week !

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