My ProgrammableWeb Posts – May & June 2012

My posts for ProgrammableWeb in May and June 2012:


Today in APIs: Google Compute, New YouTube API and 22 New APIs 06/29/2012
New App Engine Release focuses on Infrastructure, Tools and Security 06/29/2012
DocuSign Boosts eSignature Platform with New REST API 06/28/2012
Photo Hack Day Comes to the West Coast 06/26/2012
APIs First and Apps Later 06/21/2012
Travel Mashups Dominate API Mashup Contest 06/19/2012
Parse and Box Join Forces to Boost Enterprise App Development 06/14/2012
API Business Models Take Center Stage 06/05/2012 API Enables Developers To Integrate Custom Apps 05/30/2012
Get Fashionable With NYC Fashion Hack Day 2012 05/24/2012
Geoloqi Adds Powerful Location Module to Appcelerator 05/22/2012
Lollapalooza 2012 Invites Entries for Official Fan App 05/18/2012
Gumroad Aims To Make Selling Items as Simple as Sharing Them 05/15/2012
Google App Engine Finally Debuts the Search API 05/10/2012
Box V2 API makes Simple Things Simpler 05/10/2012
Sensis Wants You To Create the Ultimate Zombie App 05/03/2012
Google App Engine 1.6.5 Release Sees Datastore, Images and Location Enhancements 05/01/2012

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