10 Tech Stories To Read This Week — June 26, 2012

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • Javascript Object Model: Javascript is well on its way to becoming the dominant language. Read up here on some Javascript Object basics.
  • Microsoft Developer Problem: Microsoft has been trying quite hard to get momentum with its mobile platform and new Windows 8 OS. There is a huge developer base for Microsoft technologies but these developers should not be confused with developers whom Microsoft is trying hard to win over and develop for their platform. The problem that MS is going to face is well articulated by Marco Arment, creator of Instaper, in this article.
  • All About Unicode: Not the easiest of articles to read or the easiest of topics to understand but critical to every developer’s arsenal.  Take time off and go through all the gory details on Unicode.
  • Android Training from Google: Google has been serious in ensuring that Developers have access to not just top documentation when it comes to Android but also training modules that they can learn at their own pace. The Android training modules are excellent, cover a topic in detail and is good for both newbies and experienced developers.
  • Exponential Backoff: If you have used any client that talks to a Server side API, you need to cater to failure scenarios and which means that there are situations in which you will need to retry the same call. I quote “Exponential backoff is the process of a client periodically retrying a failed request over an increasing amount of time. It is a standard error handling strategy for network applications.” Take a look at what it means and a strategy for implementing Exponential Backoff.
  • 10 Timeframes: This is not as such a technical post but something that is crucial to all of us developers / designers because we are making things that other people use. Or do you even think that way? Read this article to get a perspective. Thanks @adamd for the link.
  • A survey of Client MVC Frameworks: Javascript frameworks are on the rise. Using jQuery is just not enough to structure the complexity in your Javascript code. Javascript MVC frameworks like Backbone have been gaining acceptance in the developer community but there are some other choices too. Take a quick look at some of the options available today.
  • HTML5 Fullscreen API: This is a really interesting API in HTML5 and we are likely to see some clever hacks being done with it. Get the details in this article.
  • The Changing Mobile Ecosystem: Interesting times ahead for both consumers and developers in the Mobile Space.
  • Java 8 lambdas: Though releasing in 2013, it doesn’t harm to read up a nice article that highlights the Java 8 lambdas syntax. The syntax looks neat.

Have a great week !

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