Android Developer Workshop – 23, 24 June – A Report

The 13th edition of Mind Storm Software‘s  2-Day Android Developer Workshop was held this weekend in Mumbai. It went off well with a new set of Android enthusiasts.

The weekend was dry and rain did not play spoilsport with the workshop. We held the workshop at our trusted venue, the Residency Hotel. We had a total of  6 participants this time, who went through the basics of Android 101 Development.

We followed the same pattern that has worked well for us in terms of the content with the first half of the first day spent on an introduction to Android, setting up of the Environment and getting the Hello World application running fine. Then diving into Activities, Intents, User Interface and List Activity for the day. The second day takes off with Menus, Dialogs, Persistence, Networking, Location Based Programming and caps off with an overall application and submission to the Google Play Marketplace.

The feedback was positive and we were particular pleased with a comment from one of the participants, Suraj Takekar who remarked after the training:

Good things come in small packages. I have heard it, but could actually feel what it means for the last two days.

Thank you very much Suraj and we look forward to seeing the Android applications that you will develop.

Here are some photographs from the training.

We are excited to continue with our Android training in the months to come ahead. A big thank you for each and everyone of the 130+ participants who have taken this course since September 2011.

For more information on the course content, check out the Android Training page.


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