10 Tech Stories To Read This Week — June 19, 2012

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week:

  • The New Definition of the API: APIs are all the rage. If you think API = Application Programming Interface, it is time to take another look at it. It is too limiting a definition in today’s times. Adam DuVander, Editor of Programmableweb has coined a definition for API. It is Apps, Partners and Income. I feel it is the most pragmatic definition that we can have today. Read his article where he goes into the details.
  • Microsoft Surface: It had to happen. Microsoft has entered the Tablet market with Surface. On first looks (or should I say first read), it looks nice. I have no doubt that Microsoft is well positioned to gain a significant share of the Tablet market if it executes the strategy (whatever it may be!) well. Someone once said “If you really care about the software, you must control the hardware”. Microsoft is doing that. I am not too worried about the fact that it has to compete with Apple. I am more worried about the fact that the Surface is just specifications, there is no release date and there is no pricing. Unless it gets the hardware out and developers write Apps, it will remain a promise. But I remain bullish on Microsoft’s prospects despite them being several years and a million applications late.
  • Nokia sinks further: It comes as no surprise that Nokia’s woes are increasing by the day. I am not a business expert but it is easy to see where I live that Nokia is losing its favorite tag by the day. There is not a single person in my circle who says anything positive about the new Nokia phones that are getting released. They even got the low cost phones strategy wrong and Indian Resellers who just put their name on Chinese manufactured phones have run away with a significant market share in that category. In the Smart phone category, they are getting clobbered by the Android phones. The new tag line for Nokia seems to be not “Connecting People” but “Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”.
  • Responsive Web Template: It seems Responsive Web Design is all over the place. If you need a starter template, here is a good one. And what better way to understand Response design than using this Response CV Design. Go ahead and impress your next recruiter. See the demo here.
  • IODOCS from Mashery: I recently learnt about IODOCS from Mashery that let you whip up API documentation quite easily. If you have a Public API and wish to setup a quick web site which has an interactive API Console, where folks can try out your API calls, look no further. Simply clone the project, modify a configuration file and you are all set. Though the project uses NodeJS, NodeExpress – you do not need to understand too much of it to get going. If you are looking for another API documentation solution, you can also look at Swagger from the good folks at Wordnik.
  • Parse.com: Do you need a backend for your mobile application but do not want to learn a server side language? What if you needed just a basic store to store high scores, locations, favourites, etc for your mobile app that you can sync across very devices. Well, take a look at Parse.
  • HTML5 Data Attributes: HTML5 Data Attributes is a neat way to add custom attributes to your HTML. Confused aren’t you ? To understand what they are, why you should use them and how — read this short and concise tutorial on it.
  • Bleeding Edge HTML5: Take a look at some of the things brewing under the cover as far as HTML5 is concerned. Best viewed with the latest/greatest version of Chrome.
  • codepen.io: A community of front-end folks focused on inspiration and education. Check out the snippets out there, really impressive.
  • Tron in Javascript: Well this ain’t your normal cup of Javascript. Frankly speaking I cannot understand much even after they have explained  the code but its worth a look to see what is possible. Hats off to the folks who did this.
Have a great week !

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