10 Tech Stories To Read This Week – June 12, 2012

Here are the 10 Tech Stories to read this week.

Please note that the summary that I present over here is my own take on the article and not an excerpt from the article.

  • jQuery Mobile Basics: jQuery Mobile is an excellent choice if you are interested in developing mobile web applications that can run on a range of smart devices on multiple platforms and screen sizes. It provides a bunch of UI components that render and fit well on the current set of smartphone OS. Get an introduction to this library via the article at IBM Developer Works.
  • Introduction to MongoDB for Java, Python & PHP Programmers: Rick Hightower presents an excellent in-depth article that gives you the basics of MongoDB along with lots of code that can get you up and running. If you have been itching to learn what MongoDB here and want to start getting down to the code as quickly as you can, take a look at this article.
  • Windows 8 and IE 10 supports Flash: Just when you thought that Microsoft had stated that it will move away from supporting Flash, comes this news about Flash being supported. It is a bit surprising given the fact that Microsoft also has a Flash competitor product in Silverlight, which it also mentioned about phasing out in favor of HTML5. Let the browser wars begin again.
  • Your Next Boss could be a Developer: Developers are the new king makers, there is no doubt about that. This piece goes on to highlight that more developers are now calling the shots and possibly leading the team in all respect. I couldn’t be happier seeing this trend.
  • Password Selection Policy: We all have dealt with despair at times in selecting our new password, especially if it meets the guidelines set by the IT folks. I am sure they will pale in comparison to this set of password requirements. Another way of looking at it is an idea for a Password Generator application where you can fit in several rules and it spits out a password which meets those rules. Any takers?
  • Open APIs: Whats Hot , What’s Not? : Check out John Musser’s (Founder of ProgrammableWeb) presentation on the current state of the API market. What are the trends when it comes to SOAP vs REST, JSON vs XML, etc. Important data if you are looking at the API market today.
  • Every School should have an API: A post by Shared Learning Collaborative gave details about a possible API that schools could have. For e.g. access to class schedules, student/teacher information, events and so on. This triggered a thought that if all schools took the initiative to provide an API that makes available this information and asks students to write applications that everyone could use, wouldn’t that be great? There could even be a yearly contest that selects the best apps, even a subject that teaches about APIs, writing apps to talk to APIs and so on. Think about it !
  • Function Declaration vs Function Expression: Check your Javascript basics about functions declaration/expression.
  • Application Cache is a Douchebag: HTML5 brings the promise of offline functionality to web applications. The Application Cache specification is how to do that. It contains rules for declaring what files should be cached, what should not and fallback behaviour. Support for Application Cache has been inconsistent across browser vendors and given that offline functionality is one of the most important features of HTML5, it is frustrating at times to see varying implementations/support of this feature in the latest browsers. The article lists down important Gotchas while dealing with the Application Cache.
  • Full Set of Mobile App Development Resources: A nice list of frameworks, icon sets, psd files and much more — all under one link.

Have a great week !

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