10 Tech Stories to Read This Week – The Preamble

Over the years, Om Malik has been one of writers that I particularly like to read. I am sure there are thousands of folks like me, who read up what he writes and there is a clear reason why he is among the best. One of the neat things that he has been doing of late is sharing 7 Stories to Read This Weekend, which are usually very informative and it gives a good insight into what people like him could be reading. And best of all, he curates the stories for us to save us time. If you have not tried them, give it a shot.

In the past I have tried to write a series of posts that I used to call “Four Stray Thoughts“. I tried my best to produce as many of them but finally gave up – not because there was a lack of material on the web but primarily because I was not disciplined enough to keep writing.

I have once again got this urge to continue a series like that but with the following conclusions:

  • I cannot write a “Four Stray Thoughts” everyday. I know there are geniuses out there who produce blogs on a daily basis. I am not in competition with them and I should just be myself rather than trying to emulate any of the their writing patterns.
  • My day job and even when I am not working, usually revolves around software. My primary source of information is Twitter and I do the usual hopping around from one link to another to discover links. Some of you might remark that it is not an optimum way but that’s the way I am. So given that fact, most of the stuff I read on the web revolves around software/technology or whatever else you want to name it as.

So where do I stand now? Well, old habits die hard. So I am going to take another shot at writing a series again but restrict it to something like “7 Tech Stories to read this weekend”. I know it sounds like a ripoff from Om’s idea and I should ideally not use that title to be fair to him.

So maybe I will call it “10 Tech Stories To Read This Week”. And I will try my best to see that I am regular with this.

Do give me feedback, if you get a chance.




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