Android Dev Workshop – Happy Dozen

A small but significant milestone for Mind Storm Software Pvt. Ltd. Our 2-Day Android Developer Workshop, which teaches the basics of Android programming is going to hold its 12th edition tomorrow. When I started this workshop in September of 2011, I did not know how the reaction to the course would be? I have not done much marketing for it except for a website page, word of mouth, colleagues and friends, who have played a role in publicizing it, etc.

We thank them all and for everyone who has attended the workshop, we cannot thank you enough.

Here is a look at some statistics:

  • 125+ people have attended the 2-Day Workshop
  • If I count the workshop happening over this weekend, we have held 12 workshops in total
  • 2 of them were for corporate clients
  • 2 of them were overseas, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All the rest were held in Mumbai

Now for some fun facts:

  • There have been no dropouts i.e. people who registered and then did not turn up for the workshop
  • At least 15-20% of the participants were not familiar with Java, but that was not a stumbling block
  • A majority of our workshops have been held at the Residency Hotel in Mumbai and we have got the opportunity to use all their meeting rooms
  • 1 Batch had an average age of 20

We hope to continue the momentum in this year along with new courses. Yes – there has been a clear demand for different topics and rest assured that June will see the new courses debut.

Some people have asked me what keeps me going doing the same course over and over again? The reason is very simple: The biggest joy for me is to see the sheer delight in the participant eye’s when they run the mobile application on the device. That is the only fuel I need.



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