Enterprise Mobile Development + HTML5 Workshop at Motorola Channel Power Event

Last weekend, I went to Abu Dhabi to speak at the Motorola Channel Power Event. My talks focused on the HTML5 Application Development Framework from Motorola called RhoElements. RhoElements is an HTML5 based framework for developing Enterprise Grade Mobile applications. Its killer feature as far as I am concerned is its integration with device capabilities that are crucial to Enterprise mobile applications.

Let me elaborate a bit. Consumer apps are not equal to Enterprise mobile apps. Enterprise mobile apps are a completely different breed of applications and have key characteristics that differentiate them from Consumer Apps. UI ‘Sexiness’ is not the norm typically and the focus is on key features like:

  • Security
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Usability : Less keystrokes, Contextual Information
  • Device Capabilities Integration : Support for barcode scanning, signature capture and much more.

Motorola RhoElements has signficantly added its extension to HTML via Javascript libraries that integrate with the device drivers at a low level, thus giving rise to extremely powerful Enterprise mobile applications that do all sorts of things like barcode scanning and are still written in pure HTML, Javascript and CSS.

The next version of RhoElements which consist of RhoMobile Suite is likely to push the envelope much further. Generation of Mobile Applications for target mobile OS like iOS, Android, BB and Windows Phone along with the RhoSync Cloud product to sync up your local transactions is going to be interesting.

During the event, I spoke for about 15 minutes on Day 1, where I shared my experience of RhoElements in brief and then on Day 2, I conducted a 2-hour workshop on ET1 (The Enterprise Grade Android Tablet from Motorola) where I demonstrated various development options like Native Android apps and HTML5 based apps. I covered some HTML5 concepts and then we did a deep dive into developing a HTML5 RhoElements application (with barcode scanning capability).

Take a look at the 2 presentations below:

The Future of Enterprise Mobile Development


Workshop on Application Development for Motorola RhoElements and ET1


A big Thank You to Motorola for giving me the opportunity to speak as an external consultant at the Channel Power conference.


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