Android Apps From My Students : Light Me Up by Ajit Mahajani

I am pleased to announce that Ajit Mahajani, one of the participants from my 2-Day Android Workshop has just published his first application in the Google Play (formerly known as Android Marketplace) Store.

The application titled Light Me Up is a strategy game where you have  light up all the tiles on the board. The tiles toggle their light every time you tap on it and the catch is that it also toggles the vertical and horizontal row.


The game is slick looking, lets you choose your grid, colors and also saves high scores.

Great stuff Ajit ! May you release many such applications on the Play Store. Ajit is also blogging about his experiences writing Android applications and is sharing some great tips on Android programming. Take a look at his blog.

If you have attended my workshop and have published an Android application, please let me know. And of course, if you want to take your first steps to writing Android applications, come and attend my 2-Day Android workshop.


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