Smart Computing Talk at VESIT

Last weekend, I was invited to VESIT to speak at their Technical Festival, IMPACT. VESIT is one of the premier Engineering Colleges in Mumbai University and I took it as a great opportunity to get back to college 🙂

My talk was focused on Smart Computing and I spoke about it from the Cloud + Mobile + Social angle. I believe that these 3 factors are a disruptive force in our industry and they are giving rise to not just challenges for existing providers and users of Applications but also opening up huge opportunities for developers worldwide. As an example, I used the retail sector to drive home my point of how Social+Mobile+Cloud could completely help rejuvenate the retail sector by several orders of magnitude. Personally I believe that even in a country like India, we have huge opportunities now staring us in the face but along with these opportunities the main challenge will be two pronged : investment in bandwidth and workforce reorientation. Consumerization of IT is anyways going to make it impossible for businesses to ignore what is happening and being demanded from them.

Take a look at my slides from the talk.

It would be only fair if I spoke a bit about my experience in interacting with the organizing team of the IMPACT festival at VESIT. My primary contact with the organizing team was Sangeetha Krishnan, who came across as a sharp organizer. The team knew exactly what they wanted, they were direct in terms of the schedule and the most important quality that I liked about them was that they were responsive. Emails were replied to within no time. They can easily put some of the people I know in the software industry to shame with their precise emails and responsiveness.

At the event, I could not help notice the infectious enthusiasm that the organizing team had in them. The way they conducted themselves, overcoming small hiccups along the way and still retaining their humour just made it clear to me that the new generation is several steps ahead if I pictured myself during my Engineering days almost 20 years back. I am extremely encouraged that they have enough leadership skills already to take the next leap.

Some photographs from the VESIT event:


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