Android and HTML5 Webinar Presentations

I conducted 2 webinars recently via Spanedea, a upcoming marketplace that brings tutors and students together. The webinars are a starting point for me to spread the Mind Storm brand but more importantly, to spread quality information among interested folks.  These webinars are typically held on a Sunday afternoon, they last an hour including some Q&A at the end.

The first webinar was on Android and the goals of the webinar were:

  • Introduce the participants to the Android ecosystem
  • Cover the Java based tools that Google provides to begin Android development
  • Demonstrate how a Hello World in written for Android using Eclipse Project wizards and in the process show the Android Emulator too.
  • Code walkthrough for a simple dictionary application that retrieves word definition from the excellent Wordnik API

Take a look at the Android webinar slides below:

The second webinar was on HTML5. HTML5 is such a vast topic and popular topic today. My intent was to cram into an hour, the different APIs that HTML5 brings to the table to help us write web applications that are powerful and mirror their desktop cousins in more ways than one. During this webinar, I covered the Canvas, Geolocation, Forms, Storage and Audio-Video APIs with examples and code samples.

Take a look at the HTML5 webinar slides below:

I am encouraged with the participation and hope to do more such webinars in the future. If you would like me to speak at your organization or college about any of these topics, just drop in a line at and we can get started.

FYI – I also conduct 2-day Hands On Courses on Android, which has been attended by 100+ folks in the last 6 months. A 2-Day Hands On course for HTML5 is coming soon.


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