Daily Idea Generation

I write for ProgrammableWeb regularly where I cover API related news. While researching what news to cover next, I came across this interesting API called the Numbers API. It gives very interesting trivia about numbers, dates, years and so on. All you need to do is give it some number and it throws up trivia that is really interesting at times. Do check out the site to get a taste of what the Numbers API is about.

However, this blog post is actually not much about the Numbers API. The Numbers API was authored by David Hu and Mack Duan. I typically spend some time with any of the blogs that I find interesting and a natural instinct was to click on David’s blog and learn more about him. One blog post caught my particular attention “My Experiment in Daily Idea Generation“. David did a very simple thing but something that we tend to overlook. He spent one month in which he noted down any idea that came to his mind. Typically these ideas can be converted to full fledged products, if given enough time, resources and passion.

The number of ideas that David has generated and which he is kind enough to provide as is at his site is amazing:

286 ideas over 29 days

Take a look at all the ideas. David calls it a crap load of ideas but I beg to differ. There are gems in there if you are willing to look and understand them. Some of them are ideas that most of us get on a daily basis but the essence here is the concept of “Daily Idea Generation”.

What if each one of us also spent the next 7, 10 or 30 days to note down every single idea that comes to our mind. Forget how ridiculous the idea might sound. Don’t even think for a moment that each of the ideas could be made into a business or not. I believe it might lead to wonderful things. A possible accumulation of ideas, something you can share and discuss with others and who knows what it could lead to.

At the end of the day, ideas are a dime a dozen and it all depends on how well you execute but the ideas need to be put down first and a simple technique that has been demonstrated by David could possibly be followed by some of us and who knows what it could lead to. Everything has to begin with a small step or should I say, a notepad and pencil/paper.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Daily Idea Generation now …..


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