Android Developer Workshop : February 25 – 26 2012 Mumbai

After Dubai in early part of February, the 2-Day Android Developer Workshop was back in its home city of Mumbai. The latest edition of Mind Storm Software‘s 2-Day Android Developer Workshop was held last weekend on February 25-26 in Mumbai.  This has been our 4th Developer Workshop of Year 2012 and we thank everyone who has participated in the workshop. I am glad to announce that we have crossed the magical mark of 100 developers who have taken this workshop now.

We had a good mix of participants this time, including Java Server side developers and mobile developers. It definitely made the task of getting across most Android Java APIs easily to the audience. The first day saw us put up in a smaller room and all of us quietly plugged away at learning what Android, the massive opportunity it presents to developers, Hello World (how can we do without this one!), Activities, Built In Intents and List Activities. On an average, this batch asked me the most questions and that was a very good thing. Here is a pic of our training room for the first day just before “Android” took over:

The next day we got the Garden View conference room and we kicked it off by looking at Android Menus and various kinds of Alert Dialogs. Just before we broke for lunch, we learnt about various persistence mechanisms in Android like Files, Shared Preferences and Databases.

The afternoon session started off with Networking (REST based Services), GPS + Maps Programming and then an overview of a complete Android application that the participants can study in detail. The Networking session once again made use of NodeJS  to help in delivering the server side service responses. NodeJS found some good vibes from the participants, who were impressed with its simplicity and already there were ideas bubbling inside them on how they could go back and use NodeJS. I am glad I could introduce this nifty platform on the side as part of the Android workshop.

We rounded off the training with the “Packing your Application for the Android Marketplace” session, where participants race against each other to be the first to upload a valid APK to the Android Marketplace. I also received great feedback that I shall incorporate moving ahead. Our trusted venue, Residency Hotel did a great job as usual and have always been very receptive to our needs in all the workshops that we have conducted over there.

A few pictures of our 2nd day and the entire batch beaming their broad smiles after conquering the basics of Android.


It has been 6 months since Mind Storm Software kicked off its basic 2-Day Android Developer Workshop. Here are some interesting statistics till now:

  • Total of 9 Workshops Held
  • 100+ participants trained
  • One of the workshops was held overseas in Dubai. Read the report here
  • Participants have included working professionals and Engineering college students
  • Participants had a broad knowledge of technologies before learning Android including participants who had never programmed before in Java

The time is good now to focus on our strength and introduce two new courses. One of them will be an Advanced Android Workshop on similar lines of the 2-Day Developer Workshop that we have been conducting so far. This course will be well suited to participants who have taken our 2-Day Workshop and wish to take their Android skills to the next level. Experienced Android Mobile Developers can also benefit from the course.

The other course we are planning is a 2-Day HTML5 Developer Workshop that shall introduce participants to the possibilities that HTML5 brings to the table with the usual mix of APIs, hands-on exercises and mobile web applications that you can create today using HTML5. We are on track to launch these courses in April. We will continue to offer our most popular course, the 2-Day Android Developer Workshop.

Contact us to get notified of dates, when the new Developer Worskhops are announced. Till then, stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Android Developer Workshop : February 25 – 26 2012 Mumbai

  1. Thanks Romin.
    This was a great training. If I write a medical application on Android it will be because of this training.
    It demystified lot of things. Surely I could have learnt all this on my own, but you get so busy that you never find time.
    Also I think is value for for money. The training is very rightly priced.

    Looking forward to more of other training’s like HTML5.


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