Android 2 Day Developer Workshop : January 7/8, 2012 Mumbai

Yet another edition of Mind Storm Software’s Android Developer Workshop was successfully conducted last week, on January 7 & 8, 2012. We have continued to build on the terrific interest that developers have shown in this workshop and we hope to take it to new heights this year.

The venue for the 2-Day Android Workshop was our trusted place, The Residency Hotel in Mumbai. As always they were precision like in their planning and in fact upgraded us to much larger rooms this time around. The pictures of the training rooms before the action started are shown below:

We had a batch of 12 participants this time (the largest so far). There was a mix of experienced and junior developers. Their expertise ranged from Java, .NET, various Web technologies and some of them were even well versed with mobile programming (We had a PhoneGap pro and a Symbian, Windows Mango programmer also in our group). It is very encouraging to see that despite the varied backgrounds, all of them wanted to learn more about Android programming in general. The icing on the cake this time around was that several participants had their own mobile phone and the sheer delight of seeing your own code work on the physical devices is an experience in itself.

We kicked off Day 1 with the usual introduction to Android. I try my best not to be a spokesperson for Android or Google, since the manufacturers have done the Android marketing blitzkrieg in all forms of media. The first half is always a bit tense so as to make sure that we setup the Android Dev Environment – Eclipse IDE, JDK, Android Eclipse plugin, Android SDK 2.2 & 2.3 and so on. With a little hiccup or two, we were well on our way.

The day proceeded then with the traditional “Hello World” in Android, then Activities, Built In Intents / Explicit Intents, Views/Layouts and List Activity. The Hotel stuff tried their best to keep us all asleep in the afternoon with a decent spread of lunch dishes but I guess we survived the lunch, the afternoon and Android Layouts, to make it through the first day. Not a bad achievement for day 1.

The next day kicked off with Android Menus, Alerts, Notifications, Persistence Options (Files, Shared Preferences, Databases before we broke for lunch. Post lunch we started off with Networking, GPS (Location) programming, Google Maps and rounded it off with a study of a complete Famous Quotes application that included most of the building blocks that we covered since day 1.

We rounded off the day with the Android Marketplace, how to package the .APK for distribution and also uploaded and published the application in the Marketplace. The workshop thus focused on not just getting the participant familiar with the tools, Android APIs but also ensure that the last mile i.e. publishing to the marketplace is also covered.

I enjoyed my interaction with the participants. They asked me some tough questions but I believe the exchange was quite healthy in terms of clarifying the issues. I sincerely hope that all of them move way forward in their Android careers and I can see some of their Android applications getting launched in the Marketplace. Here are the future Android superstars:

If you are waiting to get started with your Android Development journey, do not wait any more. We are currently taking in registrations for the next batch that is scheduled for January 21-22, 2012 in Mumbai and we hope to see you there. For more details on the course and registering yourself, visiting the training page. If you want us to conduct this workshop in-house in your organization, feel free to contact us.


2 thoughts on “Android 2 Day Developer Workshop : January 7/8, 2012 Mumbai

  1. The workshop was really good. At first we were worried that how would we learn a completely new thing in just two days, but Romin did such a magic on us that we didn’t find it a bit difficult to learn android and we were confident in ourselves about developing apps for android platform after the session.

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