Thrutu Truly Enhances Your Phone Call

Have you ever been in the middle of a call and found out that you need to look up some information on the phone? This could be an Address Book or some data that is residing in another application on the phone? Chances are almost 100% that you have done that. The problem with this scenario is that, you need to keep the person on the hold and then try finding out the information and then either say it on the phone or tell the user that you will be sending that information right away after you disconnect the phone.

Nothing wrong in the above scenario, just that you always wish that it is simpler and more contextual so that you can not just fulfill that need in the middle of the call but also maybe engage with the other person in exchanging some notes or any other kind of collaboration, all while the phone call is still on. The bottom line is, use all the capabilities of the Smart phone i.e. Location, Screen Size, Graphics, collaboration, network, etc. all while you are on the call.

Today, most mobile operating systems provide enough hooks to the developer to tap into an incoming or outgoing call and then do something about it. This has given rise to applications that can provide you more information on who is calling or apps that can log all the data and so on. This class of applications are useful in their own right but are not a natural fit to the general collaborative nature of a phone call. To think about it in more simple terms, a phone call between two people is to get some information to and fro, so it is important to meet that objective.

If  you own a Smartphone, you need to take a serious look at Thrutu. I will quote from their website what this application does. “Thrutu™ lets you share all kinds of information and media while you’re on a call — at the touch of a button, and without disrupting the conversation.” All this happens when you are in the middle of the call. An ideal scenario is when both the parties, the caller and the recipient have Thrutu installed on the Phone.

Look at some of the things that one can do with Thrutu, while the phone call is ON:

  • Location : See each other on the Map in real time, while the conversation is on.
  • Photo : Take a photo and share it instantly.
  • Contacts : Share contact information within the call
and many more. Thrutu can even function when the other party does not have Thrutu installed on the phone. In that case, you can share the information via SMS. Take a look at this video. And as a lady mentions in the video, “Are there any more excuses?” 🙂
Thrutu is actually making some sort of a platform play here by giving a framework to developers to develop Thrutu extensions themselves. If you are a developer, go ahead and download their SDKs that allow you to build out your dream extension that can enhance a phone call. Developers have taken the lead and the results are there for all to see in the Thrutu Gallery.

Recently, Thrutu held a Developer Contest where it invited developers to develop Thrutu extensions. The winners of the contest had terrific entries. The 1st prize went to DropThru, that actually allows you to share files present on dropbox or the phones SD Card, right in the middle of the call. What a great idea and definitely a use case that is so common. Imagine how many times have you got a call from someone saying “Hey! Can you share that file with me that has XYZ information”. Now do all that inside of a phone call and confirm if the other end got the file, all looks good, before hanging up. Definitely a big boost to productivity. Yours truly participated in the contest and did submit one of the entries, called Thrutu Notes.

Give Thrutu a try. The use case is so familiar with anyone using a phone that you would definitely be able to connect with it. And if you have some ideas for a Thrutu extension that you do not yet see, I would love to hear about it.


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