ProgrammableWeb – My Articles – June – October 2011

My writings for are listed below:

June 2011

Twitter Direct Message Enforcement Deadline This Week 06/28/2011
“Hack For Change” Produces Neighborly Results 06/28/2011
Hoover’s Declares “Ideas” Winners and Opens Contest to All 06/24/2011
Web Miners Grab Their Programming Picks for Bay Area Hack Day 06/22/2011
Release-Happy Google App Engine Automatically Geolocates Users, Adds Features 06/22/2011
New Version Gives Users Insight Into Kynetx Browser Mashups 06/09/2011
Mashup Merges Twitter and O’Reilly Books to Win Contest 06/03/2011

July 2011

Winning Springer Contest Apps Make Research Easier 07/29/2011
Always an Eye on Performance, Google Adds Partial Responses to Some APIs 07/28/2011
TradeKing Invites Students to $100,000 API Campus Challenge 07/27/2011
Mobile App Hackathon in the Bay Area on August 6 07/26/2011
The Unofficial Google Plus API–Wait, Which One? 07/18/2011
New Monthly Contest Gives $5,000 to Best 4shared App 07/15/2011
Auto Contact Updater Wins Rainmaker Identity API Contest 07/13/2011
API Hackday Hits Portland July 30 07/11/2011
YouTube Create: Now Any App Can Add Videos 07/08/2011
Yahoo Search BOSS API V2 is Paid, V1 Gone in Two Weeks 07/07/2011
Plug to be Pulled on Google Health and PowerMeter 07/06/2011
TextBook Exchange Bags Top Honors in Alibris API Contest 07/06/2011
India’s Individual Identification Project Adds API 07/04/2011

August 2011

Google Translate API is Back… For a Fee 08/29/2011
Stack Exchange API: the Good and the Bad 08/22/2011
InfiniteGraph Wants You to Connect the Dots and Win Big Prizes 08/19/2011
Wow The World With Your Vision in the Layar Creation Challenge 08/16/2011
HAPI Hack Happening This Weekend in San Francisco 08/10/2011
Mopper Mops Up Top Prize In Paypal Challenge 08/09/2011
Be a Lord of the Domains with the DomainTools API 08/05/2011
Apps for the Environment: Mr. Dev Goes to Washington 08/04/2011
Google App Engine Builds Steam, Updates Datastores and Task Queues 08/04/2011

September 2011

Add Voice to Your Social Data via QWiPS 09/28/2011
File-sharing Mashup Gets Incubated at Yahoo After Hack Event 09/27/2011
API Mashup Contest Looking for Central Europe Ideas 09/21/2011
Tokbox Adds Live Video Archiving, Announces Pricing 09/19/2011
Foursquare Global Hackathon: 100+ Cities, One Championship Belt 09/15/2011
Samsung Still Wants to “Free the TV,” Offering $225,000 09/14/2011
Google App Engine Adjusts Price Changes After Developer Outcry 09/13/2011
Google Maps for Flash Among Several Axed Google APIs 09/06/2011
OfficeDrop boosts PaperPort with Device to Cloud API 09/05/2011
Google App Engine Pricing Makes Developers Steam and Sputter 09/01/2011

October 2011

Layar Winners Display Augmented Reality Commerce 10/25/2011
Google App Engine Adds Premier Accounts and New Features 10/20/2011
Personalization Twist on Daily Deals Among RapLeaf Fund Recipients 10/19/2011
Contest Promotes Another Kind of Family Planning 10/18/2011
8coupons Now Aggregates 500+ Coupon Sources, Releases New API 10/12/2011
Google Plus Now Part of Topsy’s Real-time Search Index 10/11/2011
Accounting iOS App Wins File Storage Developer Challenge 10/04/2011

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