ProgrammableWeb – My Articles – January 2011

My writings for for January 2011:

  1. Build Custom Q&A Sites and Applications via Qhub API
  2. From the Trenches: Web API Design Best Practices
  3. 100 Twilio Mashups: a Look at Three with Funding
  4. Gazing into the Crystal Ball: GigaOm on APIs in 2011
  5. Google Wave Morphs Itself into New Offerings
  6. Google Adds API For URL Shortener and Link Analytics
  7. 121 Reasons RSS is Still Relevant
  8. Life is Short, Summarize it with the HighlightCam API
  9. WeDraw Tops The Charts in Samsung’s Free The TV Challenge
  10. Demo Your Product for Free at GlueCon
  11. Canadian Directory Publisher Scripts an API Success Story
  12. Wolfram Alpha API Now Free and Open to All
  13. Collecta Drops its Real-time Search API
  14. Photo Sharing Heats Up, PicPlz Offers Photo Filter API
  15. Amazon Validates Burgeoning Email-as-a-Service Market
  16. Presentations Get Even More Interactive With SlideShare’s New JavaScript API

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