ProgrammableWeb – My Articles – February 2011

My writings for for February 2011:

  1. MusixMatch API Could Be Music to Developer Ears
  2. New API Feature Zooms to News Around You
  3. Expert Legal and Medical Directory an API Call Away
  4. Photofeed Adds Zing to Facebook Photos, Skyrockets in Popularity
  5. Avvo Q&A: Why Did a Legal Directory Prioritize an API?
  6. With Huge Mobile Adoption, Wordnik API Goes Beta
  7. TokBox Gives Up 2 Million Users to Focus on its API
  8. For Valentine’s Day, Deliver Flowers via Your Custom App
  9. Battle It Out to be Crowned “King Of The Apps”
  10. Royal Pingdom Cleans Its SOAP, Calls Devs to Test New REST API
  11. Filmaster Starring in New Movie API
  12. Google Revs Its App Engine With Infrastructure Updates
  13. One Week Left in AT&T Open Call Contest
  14. Translation Telephone Mashup Brings Chinese Whispers Online
  15. Car Locator Navigates its Way to Top Honors in Verizon Contest

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