ProgrammableWeb – My Articles – December 2010

My writings for for December 2010:

  1. Netflix Gains Significantly by Moving its API to the Cloud
  2. JSON Continues its Winning Streak Over XML
  3. Tynt Gives Developers InSight into its Data via API
  4. Amazon Turk-like Translation API Offers Bountiful Contest
  5. Google App Engine Answers Critics with New Release
  6. Unlock the Secret Path with the Ixaris Developer Challenge
  7. USA Today Expands APIs to Include Articles Back to 2004
  8. Yahoo Kills Delicious, Triggers Massive Backlash
  9. Alibris Launches Marketplace for Books, Movies and Music
  10. Repair, Rebuild, Reboot: The World’s First Fix-it API
  11. Amazon Web Services Go Mobile with New SDKs
  12. Twitter API Updates Mean an End to GeoAPI
  13. Two Must-View API Presentations from Cloudstock
  14. TweetSentiments API Integrates Twitter and Sentiment Analysis
  15. SimpleGeo Makes Location Easy With Context and Places
  16. 8coupons API Offers A Great Deal To Developers

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